Privacy and Security Policy

for using the App 'UP!' by Netural GmbH.

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The Netural GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Netural”) operates the smartphone application 'UP!'. This privacy policy informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information generated by installing and using UP!. Netural is aware of the particular responsibilities in the field of operation and therefore treats your personal data with greatest care: Netural treats your personal data confidentially and according to data protection legislation and this privacy policy.

Downloading the App

UP! can be downloaded via an online app-store (Google Play Store), that requires a registration. The online app-store has its own privacy policy which is beyond control of Netural.


When using UP! for the very first time the user is requested to create an account for the service. It is strictly required to use a valid email address to do so. The valid mail is required in order to be able to login to the service. It is not possible to register with social media accounts and no social media data is being collected.

Collected Information

While using UP! the user can provide the following information in order to keep a mood diary and daily protocol: the user's mood and potentially appearing early warning signs, self-awareness, notes, medication taken, the type of activity at a particular place. The app autonomously keeps track of daily physical activity, the user’s location and the usage times of smartphone applications in order to document the user’s behavioral patterns and daily routines. UP! only processes usage times of applications and no content whatsoever. Collected information can be checked by the user from within the app or with weekly or monthly reports. The required permissions to collect the information is requested during installation and registration.


The user explicitly agrees, that Netural processes his data, as previously described, within the legal requirements, in order to provide the services at the subject of this privacy policy.

User's rights

Due to the general data protection regulation the user has the right of disclosure, amendment and deletion of his personal data.


Netural explicitly points out that the user can revoke the privacy policy anytime:

  • Netural Gmbh
  • Peter-Behrens-Platz 2
  • 4020 Linz

The withdrawal causes the usage of the data to be inadmissible. To avoid misunderstandings Netural points out, that Netural is authorized to use the stored data in case of withdrawal as long as it is needed to fulfil the contractual liabilities.


The user takes cognizance, that Netural reliably anonymizes the data and uses it for evaluation and scientific research. Within this agreement anonymization means that, when using all available information it is not, or only by using disproportionate expenses of time, money and manpower, possible to identify a user as a person.

Sharing Information / Security

Netural will never share personal data to third parties and will - within the statutory requirements - ensure the security of this data.


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